About the Author

Well, hi!

I’ve always found “About the Author” pages a little hard to do, but hey. It’s fun getting a bit of potted personality. It’s hard to get a read on someone based on one blog post.

So, who am I? Well, that’s a good question. It’s something I ask myself with semi-regularity,  just to make sure I’m on top of things. (She/her pronouns are a good start.)

I’m a writer. And a single parent. And I have a slightly defective brain, which makes the first two a little tricky at times. (I don’t recommend this model of brain at all, if I’m honest.)

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2006, which I thought would be the end of my diagnostic adventures. Ten years on, I am learning how wrong I really was. Put it this way, there’s too much for me to list here, and I tend to ramble. HfM was started to rant and rage and raise awareness about epilepsy, and while the focus has shunted somewhat over the years, it still tends to be my bolt-hole for sharing longer opinions with the world.

When I’m not ranting, I can usually be found reading, writing, playing computer games, or making things out of other things. (Cakes out of ingredients, costumes out of cheap clothes, models out of junk, etc.)  I can also be found on various social media websites under the stunningly camouflaged online moniker TottWriter, where I tend to geek out at length.

I’ve never really seen the point in being anonymous online. I’m far too easily identifiable to bother with it. So here I am, warts and all, bit by bit putting the “fun” into “Malfunction”.





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