Do I even need to say?

Yup. had a seizure again.

I mean, it’s not exactly shocking, but it is rather annoying. Just another reminder of all that is wrong with my brain. At least I managed to get out and vote.

I’m not going to get all preachy now, because the polls have closed and I’m too late to make a difference (too disorganised and forgetful, if I’m honest), but I do hope that if AV doesn’t win (which I guess it probably won’t) that it was close. I care about democracy, and having my voice heard. Mostly because I feel that right now it isn’t – that as far as the people in power are concerned, people like me don’t really exist; we’re just statistics. And it’s easy to dismiss numbers on a page, and a lot harder to dismiss names and faces, which is why no one ever comes looking for the names and faces when the hard decisions are being made.

Curses, that’s starting to get preachy. I’m going to call it a night before I start lecturing my opinions to the world wide void when it doesn’t really matter and I’m too late to make a difference. It’ll only disappoint me when I run out of air to wheeze.

And yes, I have been having a slightly rubbish few weeks. Haven’t we all?


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